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About Us

The Department of Chemistry at Howard University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs with a focus on both traditional and interdisciplinary areas of study.  Our department has been home to various prominent chemists that have made impacts throughout history such as Dr. Saint Elmo Brady, Dr. Edward M.A. Chandler, and Dr. Percy L. Julian. As part of our legacy, the department has produced more African-American chemists than any other chemistry department in the world.  We continue to maintain a strong drive to meet the ever growing needs of the scientific community through our dedication to increase the number of chemists in society.  We strive to develop unique educational curricula and cutting edge research through our renown faculty and staff.  The Department of Chemistry at Howard University continues to be one of the largest and research active chemistry departments in our Nation's Capital.  

We encourage you to view our departmental pages for more information about the chemistry degree programs, faculty, and on-going events.  Additionally, you will find very useful information in the Department Brochure and Research Presentation. For a detailed history about the Department of Chemistry at Howard University, please visit our History Page.

Did you graduate from the Chemistry Department? If so, we encourage you to update your profile through the Alumni Webpage or Email Us and tell us how you are doing.

Department at a Glance

We offer Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.)  degrees in Chemistry.

Approximately 90% of our undergraduate and graduate students are employed upon graduation.

Most of our undergraduates are accepted into graduate and professional schools following graduation.

Our faculty is diverse with ~25% women, over 75% are people of color, and has representatives from across the United States of America and many international countries. 

Faculty have active research collaborations with the National Institutes of Health, Naval Research Laboratory, and International Institutions.

The Department is affiliated with the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science

Contact Us

The Department of Chemistry is housed in the Chemistry Building (CHB) located at 525 College Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20059. 

For inquiries please send an Email or contact us by phone at (202) 806-6900.